Desarrolladores de Software, Páginas Web, Apps y mucho mas en Barcelona



Desarrollo de Páginas web

Desarrollo de Páginas web

La que necesite tu negocio desde las mas sencillas hasta las mas completas en tiempo record.

Aplicaciones móviles a medida

Aplicaciones móviles a medida

Aplicaciones móviles hechas a medida de tu empresa.

Desarrollo de Software

Desarrollo de Software

Desarrollo de Software personalizado, ya sea que necesite mejorar el rendimiento de sus operaciones, ahorrar tiempo a sus empleados o mantener a sus clientes bien atendidos.

Instalación y Mantenimiento de Servidores

Instalación y Mantenimiento de Servidores

No se ha decidido si desea un servidor local o en la nuve nosotros podemos ayudarle a mantener toda su información segura y a la mano.

Capacitaciones y Consultoría

Capacitaciones y Consultoría

¿Tiene dudas? no sabe como puede utilizar la tecnología para mejorar el rendimiento de su empresa, estamos para analizar su empresa, hacerle nuestras recomendaciones y de ser necesario también podemos capacitar a sus empleados.

Automatización IOT

Automatización IOT

Desea controlar su Fabrica, su siembra o su flota de vehículos o quizas quiere que su casa sea inteligente.

We are strategic consulting & business intelligence company for apps development using                       . We are committed to company’s growth.




Have you ever wonder if your team is using their time with efficiency, or how long are your products stored before they get sold?, is the system giving you the right analytics or are you still receiving the regular Facebook/Instagram ads report with no deep translation into money in your pocket


Thats what we are here for!

allow us to develop a personalized software and using the safest severs!!

The Microsoft Cloud .



This could sound amazing but most companies in the world still rely on paper for most of their work. So yes ! we know the most important piece in order to predict the future behavior of your company, your human resources, your income, your customers is by uploading the historical data, after all the only way to know your future is to know your past. 

Let us take care of all that data!




Yes we know it is not so easy to find a team that could take an existing process or department and turn it into a profitable area of your company, and yet in the Digital era in the 2020 is still hard to get personalized software and professionals to develop them. Are you and your employees suffering with time-consuming manuals? we will give you the tools so you could have more time to focus on strategic, high-value opportunities.

Don't look any where else!




We are a Team of Engineers in partnership with 

                     technologies, ready to take your company to the next level. We wish to become your companies new Technology Advisors and developers. 

We are located in Chile, but any way most of our work is online, and we have partners in different countries like Spain, USA and Mexico you name it!.

Meet                         a technology company developing and implementing business intelligence models.  We add value, We optimize processes, We know that communication are crucial as well as the relationship of your employees with different systems. Achieving business improvements through the integration of technologies is our main objective.

We specialize in low-code and agile development tools on the Microsoft platform called Power Platforms which is made up of different business solutions such as Power Apps, Power Bi, Power Automate and other solutions that are integrating with each other to continue giving more scope and facilities for companies to improve their management and growth.  We main target is to generate Back Office solutions.